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Your Session

Newborn Sessions are completely "baby led".  This can mean that some of our sessions can last up to 4.5 hours.  We are not shooting for this entire duration.   What we do allow is for baby to let us know how they are feeling.  If baby is hungry, wet or simply needs some cuddle time...we always allow for that to happen first.  A comfortable, content newborn will allow us to capture those sleepy gorgeous natural photos!  We can even capture some alert photos as long as baby is content.


For most other bookings you can expect your session to last approximately one hour in length (depending on the number of people being photographed in the session, age of subjects, etc..).

  • Younger children and babies tire easily so it is always best to plan your session at a time when children are well rested and fed.
  • Please feel free to bring whatever you need to make your children comfortable to the session. Snacks, sippy cups or special toys are always welcome to come along!
  • New mothers are always encouraged to nurse their infants whenever needed and take as much time as is needed to keep little ones content and at ease.


As a mother of four, I completely understand the absolute need for patience and a feeling of comfort in order to capture those beautiful moments.


Pets of course are always welcome at the studio. They are a cherished part of our families, giving us nothing but their unconditional love, loyalty and companionship. Pets can make a great addition to any family portrait session, either on their own or together with you. Proof of your pets current vaccinations are required at the time of booking their portrait session.


The question of what to wear is often on many peoples mind! It truly depends on what style of portrait you are looking to have done.

  • If you are planning a more traditional photo shoot (natural light or studio) with more than one individual or a family group, identical coloured clothing is absolutely not necessary. Keeping with the less is more theory always works well! Simple co-ordinated colours or styles really will make your photo look well put together. Solid brighter colours can look great against a black background or a grove of trees outdoors!